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Monday, July 23, 2012

Cloche Party!

Is a Santos a cloche?  Only time will a little pun,......clock faces  in the photo, get it??!

Small cloche.. first attempt at making paper flowers!

This is a good sized chicken wire cloche, with a bird house.  The bird nest is from my front yard, and that's my first wasp nest, picked it up in Texas. 

I have photographed this bust til I am blue in the face and she is still blurry!  So, I will describe her,  She is my favorite bust, I made her a crown, put her on a silver tray, and put a cloche over her!1

Crystal salt and pepper shakers under glass, er cloche!!!

I love to put a stack of saucers under a cloche!  A little vase of flowers looks great under a  cloche!  I think everything looks better under a cloche!!!!  I am joining Marty for her party at


  1. What sweet, sweet cloches you have! I love them- xo Diana

  2. I love the dishes stacked under your cloche. Taking pictures of cloches builds my character and I thought I maybe had enough...apparently not.

  3. I love everything vintage. Your cloches are wonderful.

  4. Great cloches! Love the idea of using the Santos doll as a cloche.
    Mary Alice

  5. Hi Penny! I love all of your cloches...such great creative ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us...I saw your post over at Marty's Cloche Party.

  6. What a wonderful collection! And, Yes! I think that a santos can be a cloche. :)


  7. Hi Penny, I enjoyed seeing your cloche collection. My favorite is the stacked dishes. But I'm also liking the balls of thread, too. You are right. Anything looks great under a cloche!

  8. Pretty, Penny! The saucers do look so pretty under a cloche. Love that display in the first picture!

  9. What a lovely collection of cloche. I love the vase of roses under the cloche because it remembers THE LITTLE PRINCE' s rose!

  10. What a fabulous collection and display of cloches! They are all so lovely :)

  11. Oh you do have some really pretty cloches. Yes, the Santos can be a cloche and the crochet thread is such a fun idea. Love it. Beautiful nests, dishes and flowers. I love the salt and pepper too. Isn't it fun to have the wire ones and the glass ones, so fun to decorate. The birdhouse is gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  12. Waht great cloches. I looked around for something to put under my Santos, so I could call her a cloche. Your clock is perfect, and I love your balls of twine with your pretty flowers on top. Your pictures are beautiful, and it is so hard to get something to show up in a picture when a cloche is covering it. laurie


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