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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Back Porch Fall Mantel

 Our back yard says it's still summer,   but my back porch says!

The plants around the back porch are  lush and green,    but my mantel is just busting out with fall colors

It's been to hot to have the doors open in the sun room,   but today I have them wide open to let some of the outdoors inside

I paid a visit to the nursery and picked up some gorgeous pumpkins for my fall mantel 

I love all character that real pumpkins have.....

My center pumpkin  looks different on each side

I also picked up some baby boo pumpkins at the nursery to use on the coffee table.

Since the evenings are cool here in Eastern New Mexico,   I have a lite quilt on each settee to use when we sit out here tonight.

This old quilt was just a few dollars at a yard can see how frayed it is around the edges.     The quilts and pillows go back into the sunroom each evening when we're done with them.

The quilt I have on the other settee is very special to me

This quilt was made by my great great grandmother.     I brought it out for the pic,   but it will go back inside with me when I'm done!     I have a quilt similar to the one on the other settee that will replace it.

I am not sure how old the scare crow is that you see hiding over in the corner of the back porch.    

He belonged to my parents and I've had him over 10 years,

 After all these years,   he really needs a new outfit!     

Yep, I really need to find my scare crow some new!

Soon the back porch will be covered with beautiful fall leaves.......

I plan to add a few Halloween pieces to the existing mantel decor 

 In fact,  you may have noticed that I've already added a Haunted Farmhouse sign

This year is going by so fast......soon it will be time to decorate the porch for Christmas

But for now......I'll just enjoy today!


  1. Penny, It all looks so nice. I love the quilt your great grandmother made. So special. The pillows are adorable. I did not even get my scarecrows out. I have a tiny one in a big basket of pumpkins and fake flowers on the porch. I just put that stuff out this morning. Blessings, enjoy your sweet porch, xoxo, Susie

  2. Everything looks great and the quilt is beautiful. That old scarecrow is adorable Penny and for today let's not think about Christmas yet!

  3. Oh having an outside Fall Mantel, it's just gorgeous. I love the pinks and salmon colors mixed with the traditional Fall colors. Those great quilts really add the cozy factor!

  4. Wow, those are some pumpkins. I haven't seen a one here this year yet----the farmer's if they got crops in...started very late. We have squash this year, but the pumpkins froze out---so I'll be mostly artificial! Gorgeous flowers and gushing with lusciousness!
    Happy Fall, sooner or later!

  5. OMG! Your back porch Fall mantel decor is incredible! Love, love, love every little detail.

  6. Hi Penny!
    Your back porch mantel is beautiful! I love those pumpkins - beautiful! I hope you'll be sharing this at Homestyle Gathering! Have a great day!
    >>> Kim

  7. Your back porch looks beautiful, Penny! I love the outdoor hearth and it all looks so cosy. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of Hearth and Soul.

  8. Penny,
    Your back porch is so lovely and your mantel is beautiful. I could sit out there all day. Love the quilts and that scarecrow.
    Congratulations, you are being featured at over The Moon Linky party today. I hope you stop by.

    1. Hi Bev, I left a comment at the party thanking you for the feature, but I got a message back that it had been! xoxo

  9. So many cute fall decorations, love the scarecrow! Thanks for sharing at All About Home!

  10. Penny,
    I am so far behind in visiting it is not funny....I am playing big time catch up!! Love the display on the mantle!!


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