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Monday, October 28, 2019

DIY Custom Farmhouse Christmas Slip Cover

Usually throws and pillows are the only Christmas touches that I add to my everyday chairs but this year I had something else in mind.     

There was a chair that had been retired to the studio about 4 years ago because it no longer fit in with my decorating style in the house.    The other day,     I decided to bring it back in and preform a make over on it.....not just any old make over..... a Christmas make over!

This is how my chair looked before I began my make over. 
  Since the fabric was still in like new condition.  I didn't want to have  it recovered.     I just wanted to put a neutral slip cover to stay year round on it and then customize the slip cover to fit in with Farmhouse Christmas theme in the family room for 2019

I ordered in an inexpensive but nice slip cover and I can't tell you how wrinkled it was.    It took a long time to iron it,  but was well worth the time.    Throwing a damp rag in the dryer with it or steaming it just didn't needed to be ironed.

There,  that looks good
Pre made slip covers are designed to fit over the top of the seat cushion,   but that has never worked for me.     Anytime someone sits in the chair,   the cover slides around and then the chair looks like an unmade bed when they get up.

So,   I place the slip cover on the chair where it will be under the cushion,   then I safety pin it to the chair so it won't move around..

Now,  it's time to put some custom Farmhouse Christmas touches to my newly slip covered chair.

Wrap your cushion just like you do your Christmas presents!     I only bought 2 yards of fabric so I didn't have enough to cover the under side of the cushion but that was ok since you can't see that part anyway.    Next time I will get 3 yards though.. .   

I tucked the Christmas fabric for the back of the chair into the places that the basic slip cover had been tucked into.

It was less than $100 for the slip cover and Christmas fabric so this project was very budget friendly compared to the cost of having the chair recovered.

I had fun trying different pillows and throws on my new Christmas chair.

After Christmas,   I will buy 3 yards of fabric and I can quickly and easily give my chair a new look

I have been really antsy to start decorating our home for Christmas this year.......I keep slipping one little thing after another in nearly every day!    I think after Halloween  though I'm going to jump right in and do some serious decorating!


  1. Penny,
    Love the chair makeover!! I really like that slip cover and you got it from Walmart....Maybe someday, I will try something like that in our Den with the chairs in there. I too am itching to decorate for Christmas..the whole upstairs is done though!!

  2. i have that material from hobby lobby only i am going to make a throw of it.
    looked today for more of it however it was all gone.guess everybody else liked it as much as we did

  3. Good morning Penny, Well, we are having a Christmas day here in Northern Colorado. Lots of snow and blowing drifting snow. It makes me want to be home cleaning and decorating like you with the Christmas theme. I love Christmas decorations. It makes everything feel so cozy and loving. I can smell the cookies baking, I can hear Christmas carols being sung especially by Bing Crosby and see a beautiful tree all decorated.
    Thanks for getting a jump start on my favorite holiday. I really do love the chair with and without the cover. It looked like a Christmas chair without the cover. I like the idea of just a little strip of fabric makes such an attractive change for any holiday.
    I love all your ideas.
    Thank you.

  4. What a fantastic makeover, and the fact it can be removed after Christmas for the next occasion is brilliant.

  5. That fabric is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at the Creative Muster. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing next week. Pinning!

  6. That fabric is so cute!!! I love it - and the black and white could go with so many different types of interiors (saw through Pieces Pasttime's blog hop)

  7. The custom fabric touches you added to the basic slip cover are lovely. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. That is a fabulous makeover! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's!

  9. This is a very clever way to makeover a chair. Love the choice of fabrics. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  10. Thanks for sharing the decoration idea... I just build a custom farmhouse and searching for the decorative idea... I just loved it.


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