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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thanksgiving Kitchen Tour

I always feel so blessed when we all gather as a family in the kitchen to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner.    H is in charge of the turkey and dressing.....then everyone else pitches in to prepare the side dishes and desserts.    This Thanksgiving I am in charge of assembling  a charcuterie board on my turkey platter.......I can't wait! 
 I took a ton of pic's this morning for my Thanksgiving kitchen,  I'm going to let the photo's do all the talking!

The kitchen is the only room in our home that I am decorating for Thanksgiving this year.....I hope you guys enjoyed the tour!


  1. Your kitchen is breathtaking!So beautiful. I LOVE that silver dome, and the turkey platter, I could go on and on. This is really lovely. Thanks for the tour!

  2. oh Penny, that silver handled dome is incredible!! Love the Gobbler's Rest sign. so adorable! Have a wonderful November!

  3. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the touches of black. Your chandelier is beautiful.

  4. Good morning, Penny, Love, love your beautiful kitchen. Where did you find the lovely Indian figures. I love them. How would we have had Thanksgiving without Pilgrims and Native Americans/Indians? How can the schools be teaching that there weren't Pilgrims, ug, what next.
    Keep up your wonderful work and we will keep praying for you and this Great America. Thank God we live in America and have such great people as you and Mr. H that remind us why we need to be grateful. You are the picture of a real Americans.

  5. Oh, Penny, I love the patina on that platter dome...gorgeous...perfectly echoes the colors of your turkey print. I can just see the kitchen bustling with your family, I hope you are all healthy and can join together! Hugs, Sandi

  6. Really enjoyed the tour Penny! Swooning over the two American Indian figures. They are really unique and special.

  7. Your kitchen is so pretty, warm and inviting my friend. I do love that turkey platter. I bet your charcuterie will come out perfect and yummy.
    Iam having six for Thanksgiving and I'm cooking all. My two daughters and their husband, hubby and me. The children will eat on the kitchen cause they're young ones and other teenagers who 'don't care for all the food,' lol...
    Happy Thanksgiving season.

  8. So very pretty! I have that black and white toile in my bedroom, it is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Embracing Home and Family!

  9. That turkey platter is so cute! What festive touches you have in your kitchen.


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