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Monday, March 1, 2021

I'm back....and Where do I store it all????

I've been MIA for a few weeks and am glad to be back.    Missed you guys!    H & I left to visit our son and family in San Antonio Texas and planned to stay about 4 days.......9 days later we were able to come home!    We survived!   
 After we got home,  H had a medical procedure scheduled in Lubbock Texas and we had to stay there longer than we had planned.    Anyway......we are back and hope things will get back to normal now!

I can't wait for the nurseries to get in some spring plants,   but for now I will enjoy getting out some of my stash of faux flowers.    

I store all my faux flowers,  Easter decor,  Christmas decor and a bunch of other stuff in the studio.   It is the building in the back yard with the Farmhouse sign over the doors   The building to the left of it is my sanctuary / prayer room.     Here's a link to the post where I shared pics of the inside if you would like to take a peek in there.......

I store my flowers in an old Christmas tree when not in use.......the lockers you can see behind the tree are filled with Valentine decorations  

The built in cabinets behind the flower tree on this side of the room are filled with Easter and spring decor.

If you look really really close in the top right hand corner of this pic,    you can see the shelve that goes the length of the built in cabinets.    That is where H stores his collection of vintage mixers

I have baskets that I used to create floral designs stored on the floor under the flower tree.

The studio is 30 x 30.... about 900 sq feet,   so there are lots of other things stored there including my ever growing collection of Christmas decor.

In addition to the three buildings you see in this photo,    there are 2 large tuff sheds in the back yard that I use for storage.

 H has created a couple of corners in the back yard to store outdoor decor and's one of them......

Does H have any storage places....of course he does!    Here's one of his spaces in the garage.....

I plan to start my spring and Easter decorating this week and hope to be back soon to share some photo's...... 


  1. So happy you are back and everything is okay. Hope H is doing well.
    It was interesting seeing His collection.
    Hope everything at your son's home was ok. I have lived in Dallas area since 1967 and have never been thru anything like this.
    stay safe.

  2. You have the most delightful out buildings. They are so quaint and beautiful. I couldn't get enough of your pictures.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Love your storage. It's beautiful. I will be looking at all your links.

  4. Those pictures are so stunning and it makes me SO excited for Spring!

  5. I'm so glad to see you are back. I was hoping everything was ok with you, your hubby and family. Missed seeing your beautiful blog posts. Such inspiration!

  6. Glad you got back safely. What a beautiful area you have set up to store everything.

  7. So happy you are back home and hope that your husband is in good health. Thank you for sharing your storage areas! Whenever I read one of your posts, I wonder "where does she keep all the pretties?". I need to check out all your links.

  8. Happy you are back Penny and I hope H is doing well. I always love your decor, but H has interesting collectibles too. I really enjoyed seeing his things, but the organization wowed me. Thank you, can't wait for the next post. Smile!

  9. Penny besides how you decorate inside your home it would be fun just to walk through all your storage nooks that would be a treat for me. Thank you for stopping by to share your blog, I always enjoy it all! Have a great week!

  10. So nice to see you back online! I noticed a beautiful rug under your flower tree. Is it available anywhere? All your buildings are wonderful!

  11. Simply Gorgeous! I am glad you are back.

  12. I'm glad you are back Penny. We missed you! OMG! Your studio looks like a walk through Michael's. So nice. My faux flowers are stuffed in bags in the closet. LOL!

  13. I have often wondered where the bloggers wo refinish furniture and do decor store everything! Cute place!

  14. Love the idea of storing the flowers in a Christmas tree Penny! Have a beautiful day!

  15. Envy you your glorious storage. I love the floral Christmas tree; so easy to see what and where whatever you need is. Hope H is back to normal quickly. Here in Maine, during the Ice Storm of '98 I was without power for 11 days. Me, my 2 kids, dog and cat, my boyfriend of the time, his 3 unruly boys, another dog and another cat. Melting snow on my gas rangetop for 7 to wash in was NOT fun. Kids hauled water from a neighbor who had a generator. We ate whatever was thawing out in the freezer (and I never plugged it back in!) We have a woodstove in the cellar, oil hurricane lamps. Kids were bored! Me, I missed my electric glue gun and the light in the fridge! Feel so bad for all of you who, naturally, don't have those kind of preparations in place. Hope all of our Maine prayers helped!

  16. Glad you're back! These are such beautiful photos!

  17. Wow those faux flowers are so beautiful! It's funny, I always decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but never Easter. Looks like something I'll have to check out this year.

    Ang |

  18. Your storage room looks amazing. I would love to have something like that. It looks like a store.


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