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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Bedroom

I have had a ruffled black and white buffalo check comforter on our bed for quite a while now,   so I moved it into a guest bedroom and replaced it with a lighter more summery spread that I've had for a long time.    Still one of my!

The only new item I used to freshen up our bedroom is a set of pretty Laura Ashley sheets I found at Burlington the other day.    I loved them so much that I bought 2 for my bedroom and one set to make slipcovers for the family room sofa and love seat.

Here's the new slip covers for the family room and a link to that post if you want more details..... 

Just changing out the linens lighten up our bedroom a whole lot!     And,  the spring linens gave a guest room a fresh new look as well!

I wanted the summer bedroom to have more of a Cottagey look instead of the Farmhouse look I had for spring.

I've had this pillow for years and was happy to bring it out of retirement for a while.

The artwork I had over the fireplace mantel and on this side of the bed found a new home in another guest bedroom that I've been giving a makeover recently.     It's the bedroom that our grandlove Kyleigh uses when she's here and it had a Boho theme that she picked out a couple of years ago.    She's a teen now and has her mind is on other things,   so she didn't help with her bedroom make over this time.    I can't wait to share what I did in her room.....all by!

Like I said earlier,   the artwork over the fireplace moved into Ky's bedroom and I replaced it with a simple floral design and a couple of canvass pics......

I had this chair slipcovered in material from the sheets that I had on the Spring bed.        I didn't make a new slipcover for the chair this time,   I covered it with a small quilt that I used like a throw.     This may be the last appearance of this particular quilt as it is pretty much falling apart.    I've had it a long time and it's one of my favorite so I will use any of the good pieces that are left for other projects.

I decided to stack some of my quilts on top of the old radio as decoration in a simple cottagey vignette.

I've been cleaning out my closet and donating a lot of my clothes......I've lost quite a bit of weight since Oct 2020.    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and the weight loss did the trick! 
 Anyhow,   I had this doll house that I made for my mother one year for Christmas stashed in the bottom of my closet.    I thought about sending it to the studio and put it in storage for a while.....

I opted instead to put in on top of my dresser and enjoy seeing it everyday for a while

I took down the ladder that I had on the wall you see in the background and sent it to the studio.....

I made a trip to my art trailer and brought in this vintage Home Interior picture that I love,    My Grandmother had one that hung over her TV for years and when she passed her son wanted it.   So,  I kept an eye out for one and found one at a yard sale.    I think of my Nanny.....that's what we called her.....every time I see it!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of our Summer bedroom and will come back soon to visit again!



  1. Penny,
    I love the cottage look for Summer in your bedroom...I love the doll house and I also have the same Home Interiors picture and I have it in my Craft Room.....Glad to see that you are bringing out some of your "older" but much loved things!!

  2. Your bedroom is so lovely. Love the doll house . Very pretty summer room.

  3. It's really amazing how small little touches (like changing out the linens) makes such a big impact. What a lovely summer bedroom.

  4. I love the lamps on both sides of the mantel. Everything looks fresh and fit for summer.

  5. Love the make over touches! Wonderful to look at!

  6. You Summer Bedroom is beautiful.

  7. Penny, This is a lovely room to just do nothing in. I love the pillow with the sweet little Pom.
    It such a happy little dog. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the great work and take care of yourself.
    Happy Trails to You. Dale Evans tribute.

  8. I love your little house. AWESOME!

  9. Love the peaceful and airy look of a 'cool' bedroom, and I mean temperature. Summer is so hot---we need an oasis to end the days with. Mission accomplished here! gorgeous, thanks for making me go straighten the bedroom, lol. Sandi

  10. I love the little doll house - reminds me of one my Dad made me for Christmas when I was little - There were no Barbie Dream Houses back them - - - and thank goodness - mine was much nicer ! Have a nice day ! :)

  11. I love how light, bright and airy your summer bedroom feels, Penny!! It's so nice to change out the bed linens, isn't it? So many pretties you've shared about ~ it's nice to hear all the memories behind each piece... <3 I'm that way, too.

    Happy 4th of July weekend to you and I featured your post at this week's Share Your Style #308 for you,
    Barb :)

  12. Enjoyed this post very much--especially seeing the dollhouse, too! Congrats on the weight loss; it is a hard discipline!


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