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Saturday, July 10, 2021

New Chandelier for the Porch

Well,  it's not really new it's just a different one that I had on hand.

We have been on a mission this year to purge unused stuff in our home....get organized....and live a more simple less cluttered life.

I hadn't used the chandelier you see now hanging over the farmhouse table for several years and was planning to send it to the auction soon.     Then unexpectedly about half of the lights went out on the chandy that has been hanging here for years.       

I loved my old chandelier but decided not to rewire it at this time but to hang this one in it's place.    The old chandy only had 6 lights on it and didn't put out the amount of light for dining in the evening that I wanted it to,    so we decided to give the 10 light one that had been in storage a chance.

You may see the old chandelier hung again somewhere,   but for now I really love the new one and all the light it puts out after dark.

Here she is during the day......

and she is spectacular in the evening!

We've made quite a few changes on the porch and in the yard since I took this pic a couple of years ago.    We took some of the cluttered look down that went across the front of the umbrella,  and the biggest change was in the landscaping.

H has spent many hours trimming the tree's this year.   We had lots of limbs literally laying on the roof that needed to be trimmed up so they wouldn't cause damage to the roof.   We have plenty of wind here in Eastern New Mexico and the limbs were really rubbing on the shingles.

H took down the stuff I had hanging over the flower box that blocked the view of the chandelier from the street   I think the chandy looks very pretty now that you can see it.     I am very pleased with the changes we have made to the front yard and hope our home will have a little more curb appeal !     



  1. Penny,
    Love the chandy hanging over the table like that...Very pretty....Your front porch and yard definitely has a lot of charming Curb Appeal!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Nice even in the daytime. Penny you never cease to amaze me.

  3. Your chandelier turned out wonderfully. Such an upgrade. Thanks for sharing on Handmade Mondays.

  4. A beatutiful porch, looks just lovely to live in a place like that, like something out of a storybook, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful porch. I can imagine it being such a lovely place to sit for a meal and chat. I'll pop round next week if that's ok? :-D (if only!)


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