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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Creating a centerpiece with my Special Christmas Ornaments


I have several Christmas ornaments that are very special to me.   Many were gifts and some
  were just ones that I fell in love with the moment I saw them. 

I feel like sometimes they get "lost" when I just hang them on our tree with all the other ones,   so I like to display the special ones in a little different way. 

This year I decided to dispaly them on the coffee table in the family room.....right in front of my

I've had some of my ornaments over 30 years.....


My pink Santa came from Dillards about 25 years ago when I was out shopping with my mother.....she bought me a pink Santa and her a gold one.....


Isn't my Fairy Godmother just adorable?

Several of my ornaments were hand painted by friends.....

The bell and the pink ornament with little roses on it were a gifts from the owners of Christmas by Krebs   They were customers of H's years ago and always sent me ornaments every year..... so I've had these for over 25 years.

Every ornament in my special collection has a story......

I can't wait to share my new pink flocked tree's and snowman mantel with you guys in an upcoming post.

Have a wonderful day!


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