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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board and Silver Domed Turkey Platter

H and I have been out running around the last few days.....a trip to San Antonio to see our son and family and since we have to go thru Fredricksburg to get there,    we stopped there as well.   Fredricksburg is so pretty this time of year,   it's all decked out for Christmas.

I'm running behind with my Thanksgiving decorating ...but who isn't running behind this time of year???   

Until Thanksgiving,   I keep my Domed turkey platter displayed on top of the turkey charcuterie board.....

Then when Thanksgiving arrives,   I will separate the two and use each one as they are intended to be used.

The turkey will be served on the platter and I'll have one of the girls put together a beautiful Thanksgiving charcuterie board.      Our daughter and grand daughters can put together a much prettier one than I

I need to have a dress rehersal for the Thanksgiving tablescape pretty soon,   or maybe I'll just go rogue this year!

I haven't decided if I am going to put up a tree ...or two.....before Thanksgiving yet.     If I wait til Thanksgiving the kids will be here to help.....maybe I'll just do THAT!

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