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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Kitchen Corner Coffee Station

I like to keep the coffee station decorated for holidays and seasons but I very seldom change the "bones" of the station.

Until now........I moved the little microwave out of the cupboard and found a spot for it in the coffee corner.    It has come in so handy for heating a cold cup of coffee or making an instant bowl of oatmeal....Why didn't I think of doing this before!

I normally only post about the coffee station around the holidays,   but today I want to share it's "everyday" look

The cupboard above the counter stores the supplies that are only used every morning.        

I have vintage Victorian coffee makers on the metal containers that house our KCups    One container stores the flavor of coffee the I like.....Houston Blend

And the other one has H's favorite coffee in it....McCafe

I was so excited when our big black coffee maker recently gave out.     I was able to replace it with  a pretty white one

I have art work at the coffee station that features what I call  "vintage kitchen furniture"   


The vintage mixing bowls that mother gave me years ago were just the color to complement the microwave,   so I included them in my coffee vignette.    They don't really have anything to do with coffee but maybe I could pass them off as a flower!

I need to quit playing in the kitchen,   and put out some fall!

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  1. Very beautiful coffee corner, so cheery. I love the mixing bowls. Nicely done.


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