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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Fall Designs with a Sprinkle of Halloween

I love to sit in my little nook in the kitchen early in the morning with the sun streaming in on me.....  coffee always tastes better when I'm sitting here.....

I spend some of my early morning here catching up on  my blog,  Facebook,  IG,  etc......  I have to admit though that I spend a great deal of time just looking out the window and daydreaming! 

I sometimes play with vignettes on the Hoosier desk that I later move to other parts of the house....

I created a fresh look for fall in my nook.....

I replaced the tiered shelving units with a simple pair of pedestals and a easel....

I brought in the pocket tobacco basket that was hanging on the front door and wired it to the easel

At Home had boxes and boxes of Halloween skeletons and I couldn't resist picking up a sweet dog and cat couple to tuck in my vignettes....

I don't like scary Halloween stuff.....and my little grands don't either!

I have been playing with a fall Bed & Breakfast vignette that I plan to use on the front porch.    The Hoosier top is about the same size as the buffet top that I have on the front porch.  Soooo,   I can sit here in the sun....have my with my vignette....then move it out to the buffet on the porch when I'm finished!    



  1. Pumpkins are ready to make the scene here too, soon. Still digging in the basement and sorting. Such a pain to down-size! Loving your fluffy sweet, Sandi

  2. Penny this is adorable! I'm coming over from the Vintage Charm Party, have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Penny, I love your Fall Designs with a Sprinkle of Halloween. So pretty and cute too.
    Visiting today from Happy Now 391 #26&27

  4. Super cute ideas, Penny! The little dog and cat skeletons are cute... I don't like scary tall creatures either... I HATE going into Lowe's this time of year because all those ugly evil things are there scaring me! lol! I am happy with fall pumpkins and I am sooo going to borrow your idea to use the tobacco basket on the front door! I can wire mine with fall decor and I will share yours and give you credit. Look for that next week. <3

    Happy to share your post at this evening's Share Your Style #405 for you,
    Big fall hugs,
    Barb :)


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