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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Gingerbread Christmas Kitchen


I've created many  Gingerbread Christmas kitchens  over the years and they have aways been full of brightly colored Gingebread decor       But,   not this year!   

This year,    I stepped totally out of my comfort zone and my Christmas  kitchen  has lots of peaceful cozy neutral  colors and....of course.....pops of my favorite oolor.....PINK  

I created a neutral vignette on the first shelf of my kitchen  corner unit      It has a creamy white Gingerbread house covered with lots of glitter,   a gorgeous 3 tiered Gingerbread cake,   and a picture of a sweet girl making a Gingerbread house.

On the other side of the house you'll find  a Gingerbread  picture frame that has a print of a little girl decorating her tree and making a small Gingerbread house.

The third shelf has a piece of artwork that I created featuring sisters playing with Gingerbread decor....

Oops,,,,  I almost forgot the second shelf!    It has a simple metal picture with a row of Gingerbread houses on it and says  "Home for the Holidays".....and that's where I plan to be Christmas 2023!



  1. Very pretty.I like the soft color.

  2. Love all the gingerbread, Penny, super cute!

  3. Very calming and sweet! Love this, Sandi!

  4. Very sweet gingerbread corner Penny. I am happy to feature your Gingerbread Christmas Kitchen at Love Your Creativity.


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