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Monday, December 4, 2023

I'm Left with a Plain Jane Noodle board for the Holidays

A few weeks ago I created a vignette on the noodle board that I put on the stove top when I need extra counter space.    We had a get together around that time and after I used the board to serve appitizers on,   I put the board and all the decor on it away. 

A few days later,   I wanted to create a Christmas vignette for the pass thru between the kitchen and family room.    So I got out the decor that was on the noodle board and used it for my design.

I put the two Gingerbread houses back to back in the hanging scale and.created a floral design around them,  The final touches were faux snow and fairy lights.

I loved the Gingerbread houses on the noodle board and I really like them hanging in the pass thru. 

What now ???     Another get together will give me the perfect reason to create a new Christmas vignette for my plain Jane noodle board 


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  1. Awesome, love your style and the hanging basket (bottom one). So pretty.
    I visited you via BFF Open House
    I linked up this week with = 66+67+68. I hope you will join us M-S SeniorSalonPitStop and W-S #WordlessWednesday. You will find both under BLOGGING


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