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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Welcome to the North Pole Greenhouse & Nursery

Welcome to the North Pole Greenhouse & Nursery......formerly known as our sunroom!

The sunroom gets so much sun durning the day that it is a perfect place to use as a greenhouse....

Did you know that Santa has a Greenhouse at the North Pole!. 

Santa is often found relaxing in the Greenhouse & Nursery after Christmas is over.....

Santa's helpers  pitch in at the North Pole by selling Christmas tree' you didn't know that!

The Greenhouse is full of gorgeous wreaths.....

Pink  Poinsetta's...

Green Christmas ferns......and lots more

I have more Greenhouse & Nursery touches to add to the sunroom before I can call it a "wrap" I hope you will visit again soon.

I don't know when the sunroom  will be finished,    though......    H and I have spent way to much time in our rockers this season relaxing and enjoying the sun!!!


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