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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Powder Run Christmas Cottage Entryway

Welcome to my Powder Run Christmas Cottage Entryway

I used soft pastel Christmas colors in the entry......Pale pink and Powder Run White....

I spray painted a metal tray with a creamy white chalk paint to use as a quirky frame for my Powder Run print.....  

The garland I hung over the foot board has white Poinsettia's on it.....with a twist.....Orchids!

The cottage has lots of activities for the  guests...... a visit to the Elf's Barnyard is a must!

Here's a sneak peek of the frosted pink Peony tree I have tucked into the formal dining'll get a good look at it in an upcoming post

I decorated the tiered end table in the entry with Santa heads and some of my collection of PINK and white milk glass

The wall on the other end of the entry has a different theme.... 

In the past the entry has had only one theme.....but I'm doing things different this year.

The only thing the two theme's have in common is the use of Orchids in my floral designs



  1. What a sweet 'white and pink' entrance, Penny. WHERE did you find that print? I love it~. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, I down loaded it from an Etsy shop and printed it at, nice to hear from you! hugs!

  2. Deliciously pretty and interesting, and I love the white orchids, it really is there time of the year at our Botanic Garden starting about now! Sandi


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