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Friday, February 2, 2024

What is so Special about Milk Glass?


My Grandmother collected milk glass,   my Mother collected milk glass,   and I have collected milk glass for more years than I care to count!

What is so special about milk glass?   
  It's timeless,   never goes out of style,  works with any style of decor,  is simple yet elegant......the list of reasons to collect milk glass goes on and on.

Most of my pieces were either inherited from my family or purchased by me at thrift stores and yard sales

Milk glass is pretty available and budget friendly.....that's what makes it so easy to get carried away and come up with a mega! 

I have most of my collection displayed in several cabinets in the Front room....

I found a pair of  wooden display cases  at a yard sale years ago and they have always been perfect to display my smaller pieces of milk glass.... 

The display cabinets on each side of the fireplace belonged to my Mother......

I have a few pieces of pink milk glass....all of them were gifted to me....

Most of the pieces in this cabinet belonged to my Mother....

I use my milk glass year round in vignettes that I create for our home..... but I'll save those pictures for another post....hugs!    



  1. Lovely! I find your displays peaceful

  2. I totally agree, milkglass is timeless, though it wanes and peaks like all home decor. Interesting the thrift stores are pretty much void at the moment, so it is peaking again and gettting snatched up. I love to use it in Spring, and it will be coming out soon! Hugs, Sandi

  3. This is so lovely! My husband's grandmother collected it, so we now have quite a few of her pieces. Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday blog hop.

  4. Such a beautiful collection. I'd not even heard of milk glass until maybe 10 years ago, I don't think it's been a popular thing here in the UK until relatively recently. It is lovely when it's collected together like this.


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