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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Farmhouse Style Fall Bedroom

When I saw these sweet farmstyle pillows at a little shop in Lubbock Texas........I knew they had to come home with me.

I put the sheep pillow on a sofa table that I have at the end of the bed and the mama sheep  pillow found a home with the cluster of pillows at the head of the bed.

Sweet Dreams.......

I added a sparkly pin to the ear of the baby and mama sheep......

How sweet is this face?

My farmstyle pillows are made by Peacock Park.

Earlier this week,   I showed you the pink valances and bedskirt that I bought for $3 at a yard sale Saturday.

 I added the valances to the existing mantle cover on the fireplace.    I added the bedskirt to the existing can can skirt that was on the  sofa table at the end of the bed.

See how I just layered the valances to the existing mantle cover.

     I placed a lit  branch tree on each end of the fireplace.   

I already had the wrought iron planter filled with crochet thread on the mantle,   so I just added a pumpkin.

 You may remember the goat and cow canvases from the kitchen counter.    I had put them away when I decorated the kitchen for Halloween.    So,  I dug them back out and hung the goat on the existing metal ceiling tile and just propped the other two up against a wooden candlestick.  

Along with the pumpkin,   I also tucked some excelsior and a couple of small lambs into the existing centerpiece on the mantle.

Here is a better photo of the bedskirt that I added to the sofa table at the end of the bed.

A little tour.......

around the rest of the .......


Romantic......rustic.....farmstyle........just a fun combination of different decorating trends!

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  1. those are cute pillows, Penny. Love that pink princess phone, too. My cousin had one and I was always envious! xo Diana

  2. So very, very pretty! I love those pillows, but especially the sheep! I hope you will stop by Celebrate Your Story and share this pretty post! Here is the link if you have a minute to come to the party:

  3. Love all the lambs. It is nice to see someone else have them up all year round like I do. My nickname for decades has been lamb and my first business was Lambcrafts. but more importantly they are a constant reminder that Jesus is called the Lamb of God. Always love to see the new ideas you have to show us.

  4. Your bedroom is so beautiful, sure wish you lived closer, I would hire you to make mine look exactly like yours!

  5. OOH! I want that lamb pillow!!! Thanks for sharing the maker. I'm going to Google them and see if I can get one!!

  6. love it makes me feel at home with all the pastel colors and the lamb pillow I could curl right up with that so super cute
    come see us at

  7. The lamb pillows are very oringinal. Thanks a lot for the marvellous tour of your romantic bedroom
    Ugs Alessandra

  8. What is the name of the store in Lubbock with the sheep pillows? Thanks,

    1. Hi Melinda, It's the Train Station on Ave Q.....the vendor that had them is The Nest.....hugs...

  9. LOL, the sheep pillows cracked me up! Such a lot of lush and comfort, perfect in a bedroom. Sandi

  10. Those pillows are so unique Penny. Loved the tour of your sweet farmhouse bedroom! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Penny,
    Love those pillows!! So cute!! Your bedroom is beautiful!!
    I wanted to email you privately but could not find your email addy as I can only see your comments on the blog itself and do not receive an email on them. Sorry to hear about H's surgery. Nothing too serious , I hope! I can see why you would want o get Christmas up before he has his surgery. Me..I just want a head start so I can finish by Thanksgiving and then I can enjoy it. Still adjusting to Joe being home so that is another reason!! LOL!! Keep me posted on H's surgery.....

  12. Penny your mantel is so pretty! I love the architectural piece you have on it. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  13. Love your bedroom Penny, so beautiful. How sweet are the lambs, I adore them all :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  14. How cozy! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  15. The sheep pillow looks great in your bedroom. What a wonderful find.
    I would love to walk in a store and see one like that

  16. I love your bedspread and the sheep looks real!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. Looks like you found the perfect additions! Thanks for sharing your treasures! #MerryMonday

  18. Thank you for the great compliments on the pillows ❤️ The pillows are located in The Nest Egg inside Grand Central Station Antiques Lubbock Texas


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