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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Upside Down Pink Tabletop Tree, Pioneer Woman Tree skirt, & Live Pastel Poinsettia's

About 5 years ago,   H transformed one of my "regular" little tree's into a fun upside down tabletop tree.    I've had so much fun decorating my sweet pink tree over the years and I think it has made an appearance in almost every room in the house at Christmas.    I even decorated it for fall one year.

Ornaments take on a new life when they are dangling from an upside down tree,   but this year I opted for a simple tree with just a few ribbons tied on it.     Where my tree shines this Christmas is at the top!  I used the big bottom part of the tree to cradle a centerpiece of roses & poinsettia's to use as the tree topper for my upside down Christmas tree.

I found a gorgeous Pioneer Woman blanket at Walmart and fell in love with the animal print it had.

I decided to let my new blanket do double duty as a tree skirt for my little pink tree.    I loved the print on the blanket so much,   that it became the theme for my tree too!    Instead of presents under the tree,   I have sat two of my favorite farm animals under it.    You've seen me use my ceramic pig & cow in vignettes many many times over the years.

I leaned a black mantle ladder up against the tree.....just in case any of the farm animals want to climb up to the top and lay in the Rose & Poinsettia tree! 

I took some close up's of the farm animals on my blanket / tree skirt.....

The sunroom is overflowing with live poinsettia's this year.   I couldn't resist bringing home some of the pretty pastel colors the Garden Centers have stocked this season.

When fall came,   I gave our Daughter all the beautiful hanging baskets we had in the yard this past summer.     She has a huge sun room at the Ranch & I'm hoping she will give my Poinsettia's a home after Christmas    

The pink and cream variegated Poinsettia is my favorite so I might keep it for a while longer.

The Sunroom is all decorated for Christmas!    If you missed any of the posts where I shared how the rest of the room is are some links.....

                                                              MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. What a neat idea; I love your upside-down tree.

  2. That blanket is great and looks so good in the room. Oh. how I love Christmas.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to invite us in for a visit. I love all your decorations. Merry Christmas Penny ! ! ! J

  4. Completely charmed by your pink upside down tree!


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